5 lipca 2022


Osoba kontaktowaДиана Середенко
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Hello 🙂 I am looking for a job as a dentist or hygienist . My name is Seredenko Diana Vladimirovna. Dentist therapist. Adult and children’s reception. I’m from Ukraine. City of Kharkov. I work in Kharkov in the medical center “Snezhana”. It’s been almost 3.5 years now. Prior to that, I worked in a private office, it was my first job. She completed her internship in 2013, then a specialization in therapy. I started working immediately in a private office, I was trained by my brother, an implantologist surgeon in anesthesia. And he sent me to a therapist to teach me the same way. My work experience after the internship is already 9 years. I am engaged in the treatment of caries, (endodontics) treatment of root canals, retreatment of root canals, with the help of an apex locator and an endomator + hand tools, X-rays are required, professional teeth cleaning with ultrasound + Air-flow + paste and brush, Teeth whitening. I also do sleep therapy, especially for children who do not respond to treatment. I went to various courses, in different cities. I am always improving and I have all the latest technologies. treat each person with all my heart and individual approach. I constantly improve my prof. level of various courses in Kharkov and other cities. Adequate prices. Treatment discounts. You can see my works, reviews, certificates in Instagram: dr._seredenko. Education: Kharkiv National Medical University 2011. Specialization in restorative dentistry 2013. Passing courses: Re-endodontic treatment 2015.; Best Clinical Therapist 2016; Optimal endodontics – the fewer steps, the fewer errors; Endodontic treatment in children; Restoration of anterior teeth without compromise; Direct restoration of the frontal and distal groups of teeth.; healthy smile month; Artistic restoration of anterior and posterior teeth; Making veneers by direct method; Periodontology; The use of rubber dam in dental practice.